Data Analytics

Helping businesses make data-driven decisions…

Companies that extract valuable insights from customer data have a significant competitive advantage in the market. They know their clients better and can provide better, customized client user experience.

Companies are able to collect a lot more data from client interactions than ever before. This is due to explosive growth in mobile applications, streaming technologies and even the nascent Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

With Big Data Analytics platforms based on Hadoop clusters, companies can store and analyze the wealth of data generated from client interactions cost-effectively. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a Financial Services firm that built a trading warehouse based on Hadoop for $200,000. The project that would have cost $4 million using a traditional database and data warehouse approach.

Tixzy is a certified partner with the biggest Hadoop platform vendors. We have the expertise to guide clients who want to build or maximize the value of a Hadoop platform.


Tixzy can evaluate a client’s current big data needs, and recommend one of the following Big Data clusters:

Standalone Hadoop Clusters

  • Cloudera CDH
  • Hortonworks HDP

Cloud-based Big Data Clusters

  • AWS EMR, Redshift, Kinesis
  • MS Azure HD Insight
  • Google BigQuery
  • HDP on GCP
  • CDH on Azure

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