Executive News Roundup – May 28, 2017

Wishing all our readers and clients a Happy Memorial Day weekend! We are grateful for all whose service keep us safe and help preserve our freedom!

A wise fellow once observed that “the stone age did not come to an end because of lack of stones”. The stone age came to an end because human innovation resulted in technology advancements that made the “stone age” obsolete. At Tixzy, we are of the strong opinion that current innovations in cloud, Analytics and Security will render obsolete several existing on-premise technology solutions. Our raison d’être is to help clients make the necessary transitions that will prevent them and their platforms from becoming obsolete.

Cloud News

The long weekend overseas started off with one of the biggest IT failures in recent history. British Airways grounded to a halt in a catastrophic failure blamed on a third-party provider.

Google’s AlphaGo defeated the world’s best player Ke Jie in three straight sets earlier this week. The win was so impressive, that even Ke Jie admitted he studied up on AlphaGo’s moves and added some to his arsenal. According to him, AlphaGo played a perfect game. Interestingly, DeepMind (the Google company behind AlphaGo) announced the retirement of AlphaGo so they can focus on using the technology to solve business problems for clients.

Earlier this week, Amazon’s CTO announced that James Gosling (the founding father of Java programming) is joining Amazon Web Services. The hunt for super-talent in the ultra-competitive cloud-computing space is impressive and this is a big win for AWS. Clients are the ultimate beneficiary of this talent war as it results in better products and cheaper prices.

According to Ars Technica, Microsoft made a surprising announcement that the Windows development team was going to move to using the open source Git version control system for Windows development. A little over three months after that first revelation, and about 90 percent of the Windows engineering team has made the switch