How We Work

To bring the kind of change and innovation that our clients desire, we believe that open honest dialogue without consultant-speak is the best way to success. When we talk with our clients, we want to not only understand the problems that stifle progress, but we want to know about the passion that drives them forward.

Our approach is to dive in and be part of the team. Whether it’s to be always available to answer a question, formally managing the successful delivery of an engagement, or brain-storming solutions to complex problems, we believe that to achieve mutual success, we must share in the trials and rites of passage as our clients grow and mature their businesses.

Our consultants are time-tested professionals who have been in the trenches of growing startups and global multi-national companies. We pride ourselves in having a curated staff of experienced professionals who are not only focused on technical expertise but understanding the application of technology to solve a business need.

Each engagement is guided and managed by a senior Tixzy partner.