Information Security and Risk Management

A surprisingly large number of companies depend on legacy security concepts to protect their data from bad actors or at worst, have a vague notion of risk management. The daily toll of security incidents is the unavoidable outcome of failing to adapt and understand the risks.

At Tixzy, our philosophy is that any business that handles valuable information must be built with Risk Management principles while applying Information Security practices as a foundational tenet.

We recognize that the unique business environment of our clients demand a thoughtful approach to developing a risk program and security infrastructure. We design security controls and programs to align with the risk appetite of our clients. Our risk assessment processes incorporate thought leadership to reflect this philosophy. We assist clients in migrating from their legacy security practices to a program that responds to real world threats while reducing impact to business operations.

Having appropriate processes to monitor and manage the day-to-day security operations and program governance is vital.  Our testing is designed to not simply identify technical vulnerabilities but to assess weaknesses in our clients’s security operations capabilities from an adversary’s point of view.


  • Risk Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Adversarial Simulations

Risk and Security

  • Virtual CISO Advisory
  • Security Policy Development
  • Third-party Risk Management

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