Executive News Roundup – February 11, 2018

Despite the falling value of cryptocurrencies, the amount of cryptocurrency mining malware has gone up. The Decatur County General Hospital may be one of the first healthcare providers in the US hit with cryptocurrency malware. Cryptocurrency mining malware can even be found being distributed via the unofficial Mac App store, MacUpdate. Even SCADA systems are reported to be used for illicit cryptocurrency mining. In Russia, several engineers at a nuclear center are being detained for unauthorized use of computers to mine cryptocurrencies.

A longtime typosquat domain for Reddit was recently discovered to now host a copycat.

The late or slow disclosure of breaches continue to be a focus as Partners HealthCare are being criticized for late disclosure of a breach last year. Senator Blumenthal calls Uber’s handling of the 2016 breach as “morally wrong and legally reprehensible“. And Uber’s former CISO, John Flynn testifies that Uber “made a misstep in not reporting to law enforcement“.

The biggest news of the week was the release of portions of Apple’s IOS source code. As Apple issues a DMCA takedown of their source code, some point to Microsoft’s own troubles when source code to Windows NT and Windows 2000 were released. The current working belief is that an intern at Apple may have stolen the code.