Join Us At The Shared Assessments Cloud Workshop

Join us on June 27, 2017 at the Shared Assessments Summit and Pre-Summit Workshops where Tixzy’s Managing Partner, Paul Poh will be co-presenting at the workshop – Cloud Use – How far should I go? Organizations across many industries are moving to cloud computing for greater flexibility, easier updates, access to new technology and cost savings. This new model brings different security risks that must be understood. Even if you are not directly using the Cloud, one of your downstream vendors may be using the Cloud. Join us for an interactive workshop to gain a better understanding of these and other key questions regarding secure cloud computing.

Now in its tenth year, the Annual Shared Assessments Summit brings together Senior Risk Executives who share best practices and insights on managing Third Party Risk. To learn more about the workshops and the Summit – visit  –The Shared Assessments Summit 2017.

About Tixzy
Tixzy is a boutique technology firm with expertise in Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Information Security. As a growing technology services firm, we are passionate about solving complex business problems and focused on accelerating our clients’ growth.
We serve clients of varying sizes across various industries and across the globe.
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About The Shared Assessments Program
The Shared Assessments Program is the trusted source in third party risk. With over a decade of experience, and drawing on the shared knowledge and experience of our membership, Shared Assessments provides resources and tools to effectively manage the vendor risk management lifecycle. If you have a vendor management program and are interested in becoming a member, please visit